[APP][Cloud & Pro] SwitchBot (Release 1.1.24, Test 1.1.25)

@Adrian_Rockall; Hi

In getting this error on my hp23, after backup from a other Homey:

And the logics aren’t updating. Closed or open.

Do I have to re-add them?

Removed devices (previously imported via hub)
App removed.
New test-app installed.
Tried to install curtains via hub, but error 190:

Diagnostic rapport

Is the app still running on another Homey?
The error message suggests that but Switchbot do tend to return 190 for any errors now.
If it’s really reached the limit then it should clear after midnight.
I had the error code 190 for about a week after Switchbot transferred my devices to a new account (new email address) and never really found out why, but it just started working again.
The new version should display the message that is returned with the error code rather than assuming it is a rate limit.
As I’m away for the weekend, it’s difficult for me to view the Homey diagnostics log, so could you open the Configure App screen, select the Information log tab and then send the log from there, as that will appear in my emails.

thanks for the quick reply! I had de Switchbot-app with bots still running on my old homey. Deactivating the app did the trick. I could add them to my new HP2023 and connect them. They’re working for 100% now :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I have published a new test version that will add battery information to all hub devices that now provide the information.
There is no need to re-add devices as the information will be automatically added when it is reported by the API.
At the movement there seems to be an issue with the Blind / Tilt as it always reports 100%, so hopefully SwitchBot will fix that at some point.