[APP][Cloud & Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v4.0.37, test v4.0.75)

Local access has arrived

I have published a new test version which is a major re-write to work with Tahoma local access when possible.

Currently local access is only supported by Tahoma and Tahoma Switch.

As the local access can’t control some devices, the cloud access still runs alongside the local access.

To use local access on Tahoma you need to enable Developer mode in your Tahoma account. Instructions are provide by Somfy here GitHub - Somfy-Developer/Somfy-TaHoma-Developer-Mode: A collection of requests to use a local API with Somfy TaHoma gateways

Advantages of local access:

  1. A cloud connection is only required to authenticate and the authentication last for a few months.
  2. Faster access to your devices using a fixed 3 second polling interval. This means response time to door and motions sensors are useable.
  3. No restrictions on access to devices.
  4. Official documented API.

I have been using this version for several months so hopefully it should be robust but it is still a test version. Please provide feedback here to let me know good and bad points.

Note: This version still works with Homey (cloud) but only using cloud access as Homey doesn’t allow LAN access.