[APP][Cloud & Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v4.0.13, test v4.0.22)

I have ticked the boxes in all the logs. Anyway, I have moved the TaHoma Switch up one floor and closer to the windows with the screens. Just in case it had something to do with communication errors. And since errors that do not show up in a log are not suppose to happen, I restarted Homey. Either or both actions apparently did the trick. The 429 error is gone (for now).

Thanks very much for your assistance and quick response to my questions!


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My devices cant connect anymore. My flow did’nt run today, so I opened the Tahoma app, and there was an update. Maybe they have changed something in the API?

I think they have had some server issue recently. I can’t log in to my Tahoma account via the web browser at the moment.

Has the problem resolved or are you still having issues?


The issue has been resolved. I restarted my honey today to solve another topic, and then the screens worked again.

So probably something with my homey. I tought it was a bit strange that no one else had complained. :roll_eyes:

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Local access has arrived

I have published a new test version which is a major re-write to work with Tahoma local access when possible.

Currently local access is only supported by Tahoma and Tahoma Switch.

As the local access can’t control some devices, the cloud access still runs alongside the local access.

To use local access on Tahoma you need to enable Developer mode in your Tahoma account. Instructions are provide by Somfy here GitHub - Somfy-Developer/Somfy-TaHoma-Developer-Mode: A collection of requests to use a local API with Somfy TaHoma gateways

Advantages of local access:

  1. A cloud connection is only required to authenticate and the authentication last for a few months.
  2. Faster access to your devices using a fixed 3 second polling interval. This means response time to door and motions sensors are useable.
  3. No restrictions on access to devices.
  4. Official documented API.

I have been using this version for several months so hopefully it should be robust but it is still a test version. Please provide feedback here to let me know good and bad points.

Note: This version still works with Homey (cloud) but only using cloud access as Homey doesn’t allow LAN access.


Great news; thx @Adrian_Rockall!
Very helpful for when I receive my sun screens next month!

This is really awesome! I’ve been on the phone with Somfy three times in 2,5 years, complaining about their server uptime and my devices not working while I’m on the same network (knowing everything runs via their servers). Always hoping they would develop local access… And there it is! For me this is a reason to upgrade from the Connexoon to the Tahoma. Are you sure the local access won’t be available on the Connexoon in the future?

It might be available on Connexoon at some point. If you follow the link to the Somfy instructions above and then look at the issues section, you can see it has been requested and not rejected (Connexoon support · Issue #9 · Somfy-Developer/Somfy-TaHoma-Developer-Mode · GitHub)

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That looks kind of promising. I’ll be patient for the foreseeable future :slight_smile:

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And again… Somfy’s servers are unavailable. Come on local access for the Connexoon!

Now I have added my outdoor blinds via the Somfy app and I can control them via HomeKit and Google. I use the Somfy connectivity set. I have installed the Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon on the Homey and connected to my Somfy account. If I now want to add a new device within Homey and choose outdoor blinds, I get the message that no new devices have been found. Do you know what could possibly be causing this?

It is probably caused by the internal name of the devices that Somfy uses.
You can either try selecting different device options to find a match or, if you have a Homey Pro then you can go to Homey Developer Tools and select the Tahoma & Connexoon app from the list, then select the Device Log tab and click on the Get Log button. Once the list has populated, click on the Send Log button. I will look at the Controllable names (Somfy identifier for a type of device) and lookup which Homey device it maps into.
If the device is not currently supported then I can add it to the app using the information in the log.

Hi Adrian, I just sent you a log.

Got it. The blinds are under the “Velux interior blind (io)” in the Sunshade section

And the lights are under “Dimmable light” in the Light section.

Hope that helps.

Great, it works Adrian! Thank you very much for your quick support!

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@Adrian_Rockall .

Thank you for your great app. Love it.
But I can’t figure it out how to get the local api going. Where to find this code. On my computer in the somfy account i turned on the “modus for developers.” But don’t know how to get the code. Maybe this is so easy, but i can’t find it.

Could you guide me?

Thank you very much.

The app will automatically get the code once the developer mode is enabled. It will use your account login details used for the cloud to get it.
If you go to the Configure App page you can use the Local Tokens tab to see if it has got a token.

Tap on the Get Tokens button to see it. Note. all that is doing is fetching the Tokens that have been registered.

Thanks again Adrian. Got it. But must i fill in the token uuid?

It is now saying “can’t read properties of null” when i want to close the blinds. I think i done something wrong. It is saying it is in devmode if i get the token and a uuid code.
It is also saying in the log wrong cert cn for

I sended you a log file.

You only need to fill that in if you want to delete a token.

Could you try restarting the app to see if that helps?

As the local connection is using https, Somfy provides a certificate that’s used by app when communicating locally. For some reason that’s not working but I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the certificate or because the app started before the Developer mode was enabled.