[App][Cloud & Pro]Sofar / Solarman (Release 1.1.7, Test 1.1.9)

Thanks Adrian, my 10 year old Solarman inverter works also with your app. I can read out the daily production and yesterday production.

Can you also build something for the solaredge inverters ?

I will investigate the solaredge inverters but as I have no way to test that it might not be possible unless they work in the same way.

@Adrian_Rockall I can connect my portal (Solarman) but consumption and other data won’t update

When o try to repair get this error message

Hi again Adrian, it seems the ‘Solar total today’ and ‘Solar total yesterday’ are not getting their updates in the device I created. The values shown are from April 2nd and April 1st, while it is April 11th today. I checked the Log and I saw the right values being there, so somehow they are not getting populated into the device itself. Any suggestions? Happy to send you my Log.

If you can send the log I will take a look when I get home.

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I have the same issue


Thanks Adrian. I’ve sent the log.

I have published a new test version.
I’m not sure if they changed the API or if I just got it wrong, but I specify the start and end date for the history, which returned any array of two days and was using index 0 as yesterday and index 1 as today. However, it seems now it ignores the dates and returns every day since the beginning of the month where the last index is today. So I now use index = array size - 1 as today and array size - 2 as yesterday.

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That did the trick, Adrian. Getting the values again, thanks!

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What is the update interval?

On my Solarman app total today is 1,50 on homey it’s 0,80
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The history updates once per hour.
The other data updates every 15 minutes.

Thank you

Solarman now moved all customers to the new data center. Of course all automation, integrations and API broke. I’ll patently wait for an update :slight_smile:
The new severs are so much more responsive, it’ll be worth it.

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I’m on it. There was an issue with the migration at first, but that seems to have been fixed. However the repair is not working at the moment, so I can only delete the old and create a new device.
I will try to get it resolved this evening.



I have published a new test version.
After updating you will need to Repair the Solarman Cloud device to log in to the new server.
In the web app the Repair option is selected by right clicking on the device and selecting Repair.
In the mobile app you will need to open the device, tap on the cog in the top right corner, tap on Maintenance and then tap on Try to Repair.

Note: When I add a new Solarman Station device I get two devices displayed in the Select Device view. I don’t know why that happens now, or if it is just something on my account, but I don’t see two devices in the Solarman mobile app.
If you see the same then make sure you only add one of them.


I think its a bug in the homey firmware

Have the same when I add a Philips tv
Then I got 2 devices

But by the way great update and thank you

It think it’s working now

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The repair option worked for me on homey-cloud. I’ll try to add a new plant later this day on a homey-pro. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Including a new Deye Inverter was painless as well, no doubles or any issues at all. :+1:

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Is it possible to connect the app locally to the data logger to get up-to-date data almost in real time?

It depends on the inverter make/model. It currently supports two models of Sofar inverters.
Basically, each inverter type will have different MODBUS registers for the relevant data that will need to be mapped into Homey’s capabilities and those registers are not published by the manufacturer, so I rely on others to find them by trial and error, like I did with mine, and then publish the information.