[App][Cloud & Pro]Sofar / Solarman (Release 1.1.7, Test 1.1.9)

Thanks Adrian, I will try it out

I’m getting a message stating 'Rate limit".

Unfortunately that will happen until everyone has updated.

I have just published another update to try and fix the Rate Limit error.
After contacting SOLARMAN support I discovered the rate I was working to is for the Business account, so I can now see that by synchronising the history update to on the hour means every Homey has a burst of activity that exceeds the limits.
I still update the history once per hour but it is no longer on the hour. I have also added a random delay for the first update just in case all the Homeys update the app at the same time.

Thanks Adrian,

I’m not able to create a new device, as I deleted the existing one in an attempt to solve the issue…
It states it found a converter with an IP-address, but it doesn’t connect or create a device.

I contacted Solarman support and they have increased the API limit. My cloud device is now working again.

@Bert_Wissink are you adding the cloud device or a local one?

Hi Adrian, I’m trying to add a cloud one, via Solarman Station. I need to log in with un/wp. It states “Nieuwe apparaten gevonden”, but then returns “Failed to get station list”.

Have you tried again today?
There was an issue with a rate limit which seems to be fixed now.

Yes, I tried at 18:30 today and just again. Still same issue. Also reinstall your App.

If you have a Homey Pro, can you open the Configure App page, tick the box for Log Internet Data, then try to add the device. Once it has failed, go back to the Configure App screen and tap on Send Log.

OK. Just did.

Hmm, the log is empty. Was the list empty on the screen?

Yes it was. Tried again with local log as well. Still empty.

I was able to create a device with version 0.0.8 and it worked with 0.0.9. If that helps

I will check the changes between 0.0.8 and the current version tomorrow to see what has changed.

Have you tried uninstalling the app and installing it again just in case the device didn’t get deleted correctly and left something behind.

This morning I deinstalled the app and even rebooted my Homey. Then installed the app again and tried to create the device again. I mentioned “Found inverter” with a (correct) local IP-address and “NaN” in the log, but it doesn’t connect. I’ve send you the log.

OK, I think I have discovered why it is not working, so I just need to discover how it got to this situation.

Thanks for your patience by the way.

I have published a new test version.

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YES! Able to create the device again. It is also showing values for solar production, total production, solar total today and solar total yesterday!

Thank a lot and thank you for your efforts!

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