[APP] Bluesound

Recently I deleted one of the Bluesound players from Homey (as it was moved to another room).
Now I have given the player a new Static IP and changed the name, however I can’t add it again to Homey as it says ERROR duplicated player. It seems like this is related to the MAC address, which I can’t change.
Is there a way to get rid of old devices without deleting the app as I have many flows with all the Bluesound players?


Sorry, I only now noticed your message. I’ll take a look what could have caused this.
Did you already find a workaround, btw?

No problem, I removed the app and reinstalled it. That was the only way to get rid of the history.

I added all BlueOS devices again and had to manually do correct the flows again.


I have just received the Homey Pro ‘23. However BlueSound is not working.

If I install the app, it is in my app list but the devices say: app not available. After that the BlueSound app disappeared from the “my apps” list. If I reinstall it is the same story. Is this a known bug?

I’m facing the same issue. Even after reinstalling the Bluesound app it does not show up in the app list.

Homey Pro 2023
Here the same. I used the backup function so the app is in the app-list, but not working.

I have the bluesound-app deleted but now i can not install it again (the procedure within the app-store is ok, but the app is not installed at the Homey Pro).

I see this behavior:
-select and install the app in the app-store
-it is a few seconds visible in the app-list on the Homey Pro
-it disappears from the app-list and so it is not installed

app is added to the HP2023 compatibility list ([Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list)
This seems to be a known issue with apps and developers are notified by Athom how to fix it.

@RoelofO do you still have the intention to support the development of this app?