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[APP] Arlo - Security Camera

For everyone complaining on the Internet, there are least 20 that appreciate it, in silence.

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Arlo 3 support is going well, now added. But i’m now just working on backwards engineering control of the LED light (in the arlo3)

I would also like to bring in control of some of the other settings into the device settings of homey.


Now that I have an arlo3, I’ve just released a new test version of the arlo app :

This adds a new device the ‘Arlo 3 Pro’ or VMC4040P as well as support for the spotlight which is attached to the camera. The plan is to update the assets perhaps add some additional properties before roll out.

You can trial it here : arlo | Homey if someone has an arlo3 I would really appreciate help testing it.



I ordered a Arlo Pro base station and a couple of Arlo 3 Pro cameras. today. I will test and let you know when it arrives on Monday.

Hey Jamie… Updated to the new version and noticed today that it stopped talking to the hub sometime between my upgrade yesterday and today. Restart of the app solved it but going to keep an eye on if it happens again :wink:

The Cameras themself worked thow.

// Ted

No trouble @Jamie , thanks for your job. I think many people thank you in secret, don’t Care about the minority.

Finally, I think I’ll look for a Pro 2 :wink:

@Jamie I had a look at some open source projects and a couple of them seems to have an approach to using 2FA with the Arlo API.

Is there a technical reason with Homey where A2F can not be used? Timeout for the Token? Something else?

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Im not aware of any solutions to this problem nor do I understand how you could work around it unless arlo change their approach to mfa. It’s not a “homey” issue.

Which open source projects have managed to bypass 2fa and how did they go about it?

Hi Jamie,
ever gone to add support for Ultra Camera Series ?
if so I’m willing to test :wink:

Is Arlo Go going to be supported? It would be really great, I have several.

Arlo is supported. The only issue is the two factor authorisation of Arlo that causes problems from time to time

But Arlo GO isn’t mentioned as a model in the app and it does not appear either

The 2FA is such a stupid thing to be mandatory for Arlo. Why is this not an user option?!

I have two cameras that are surveilling along the facade of the outside of my house and if someone would like to hack my Arlo system I say: Go head! Take a look at my brick walls and bushes alongside the house.

So please Arlo…let me (the user and owner of the system) decide the level of network security of my different systems. I hate when manufacturers impose security that makes things more complicated and less user friendly. I know what security level is needed, so let me decide!

(Yes, I do know that this is not a Arlo forum and that no one from Netgear is reading this…I’m just frustrated.)

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Fully supported!
And I didn’t find a switch to switch it of.

In former versions of the Arlo Security section it was possible.

Same feeling here…
I bookmarked this thread just to be on top of this when the 2FA workaround is live.

Great work. Works perfect. Just missing possibility to turn a camera on/off. Do you need collab? In case invite me to your github repo (norenz92).

When I connect arlo to my google home, I don’t see any 2FA check, so for now I don’t understand why this is not possible to connect with Homey. But I guess it won’t be that simple

@Jamie thanks for all your contributions! Just like @Rob_van_der_Poel I can successfully link my Arlo essential and Video doorbell to google home. I get linked to oauth.arlo.com through the google app and do not need 2fac. I assume this is handled by the oauth server. Unfortunately I don’t see any actions in addition to see video through the home app or have google home tell me that someone is at the door. The primary use case I’m after is a flow arming all cameras when my alarm is armed (linked to homey) I don’t think Arlos geo or scheduling is good enough. Happy to alpha test or contribute in other ways.

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