[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

Thanks for all your hard work (and team) for getting the app to where it is today

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Can you add this smart Fan?


@TedTolboom please add the two devices to the app:

Aqara Pet Feeder C1
Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1

If you need a tester, I am ready to support.


Is already mentioned in post #4110.


Dos any body know wy Ted dos not responded to the questions? I there someone else we can ask? I have sinds the Latest update problems whit my aqara light sensors the give a battery messages every few hours. Battery empty en direct afterwards battery full. This is a problem in the app. Re inclusion is not an option. Battery changement also not an solution. Please help this is very annoying.

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Ted implemented new algorithm to better track battery levels - search above, however seems there are some dropouts, in my case for light sensor, 4x time per day. Re-inclusion will not help you. He is aware, since beginning, that’s all I can say on that.

Ok, thx hoor there is a solution. I have same issue, 4 times a day 2 light sensors battery empty en than ful

You could try to speed things up to offer him a payed job for this… Else be patient, it’s costing him his spare time.
Alas lots of peeps don’t seem to understand that. There are more important things in life then some bogey battery messages…


@TedTolboom Would it be possible to allow/add the decoupled operational mode setting for the Aqara Wall Switch H1 in the Homey app? So you can even use smart bulbs behind the switch.

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Hello! Could anyone tell me if it is possible to remove the second channel of the Aqara Double Relay Controller from the UI? I have a radiator hooked to the first one. The second one does nothing…

You don’t have to remove anything, just don’t connect wires to the second channel and don’t switch it ON.

but this way I’ll still have a button for L2 in the app that does nothin, right?

Yes, just ignore that, you can not hide it, otherwise you have to use a device with only one relay.

Is it possible to add a H1 switch in high speed mode? Now all my switches are ‘the old’ 2018 models and are very slow. I like te upgrade, but it’s not very cheap :confused:

Bummer. I was asking because the exact same trick is possible with Fibaro z-wave relays. Thanks for replying!

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Version 1.7.0 has just been released to the test environment of the app store.

Changelog for v1.7.0:

Add support for:

  • Curtain Driver E1, ZNCLBL01LM (including auto calibration maintenance action)
  • Roller Shade Motor, ZNGZDJ11LM

New features for:

  • Roller Shade Driver E1, ZNJLBL01LM
    • Add flow card to set curtain operating speed by flow
    • Add retry loop sending command to the Roller Shade Driver E1, in case device was sleeping
  • Most of the plug and switch devices
    • Add setting to enable saving the power state

Fixes for

  • Motion Sensor P1, MS-S02
    • Fix settings not being send to the device
    • Fix luminance reporting in the dark
  • Xiaomi Light Sensor, GZCGQ01LM
    • Likely fix for battery reporting (not reproduced)

The test version can be installed by using above link.
General release to the app store will in about a week time.


I received this update a few hours ago, after the update none of my sensors where reponding anymore
In the app itself they are ‘online’ but no motion is detected, a app restart did not work

I had to completely reboot my homey to get it to work again.

Sadly nowadays a reboot takes between the 10 and 30 minutes to fully complete the start of all the apps installed. Also after it is finished a lot of app do not work and need a manual restart to get it to work again.

Maybe just a glitch, hopefully, it was working fine for me after update, just testing the changes…also rebooted Homey completely due to the fw upgrade and it’s also fine …so let’s hope it’s one time issue only (70+ Zigbee devices here…)

Even this is not related to Aqara app, on latest fw RC I see the same behavior…

Thank you for this great update. :clap:

Hm, I have been almost thinking by Zigbee network is way too utilized because I saw sometimes device not updating it’s state, looking forward if this improves it anyhow. :+1:

Actually I though it doesn’t work still, they I read your note :

I was hoping when device actually update it’s state it’s not sleeping but finally pressing the button worked and LED Blink is gone and I can confirm it report darkness (0lx) as well :wink:

Will report back, thank you ! (even it wasn’t the only device impacted by this fluctuations as I wrote above but Light sensor was the most annoying one :wink: ).