[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

That’s the new model of the Cube, which isn’t supported by the app yet. You’ll have to wait for support to be added. Look back a few posts.

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To those of you experiencing Aqara dropouts, I’d encourage you to get in touch with Homey support, so they can hopefully help (and work with @TedTolboom) to resolve the long-running issue of Aqara devices that randomly stop reporting. Aqara products are really affordable, so it sucks not to be able to rely on them - hope it can be worked out!

TED :wink:

Whoops, good catch :slight_smile: - fixed!

I’m using 2 Aqara Motion Sensors P1. I both installed them in separate rooms and let them trigger different flows to switch on a light. Now when one of the sensors is triggered (room A), in the other room (room B) the light also switches on. It looks like Homey sees the triggers as the same?

Bit difficult to answer without any context or flows shown

I created a separate flow for both rooms. Each flow was triggering a ACM-2000 unit. Already found that the issue was in te pairing of the ACM-2000 units. When 1 ACM-2000 was switched on, the other unit was switched on also automatically. Probably they got the same code when connecting to the Homey. I reconnected one of the ACM-2000 units and now it works.

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The power consumption of some of my Aqara Smart Plugs (EU) does not update frequently enough.
One of them is plugged to a heater so consumption oscillates between 0 and 1.1kW.
Reported power (W) in Homey has been stuck for several hours on 1.1kW even though the heater hasnt been working more than a few dozen minutes over that period.
Theres no way to update the reported consumption and that messes up several other things in my automation flows (amd in Homey’s Energy widget).

I have already removed and reinstalled the plug but that behavior keeps on coming back.

Any fix?

This is usually caused by the problem of your mesh network, not really the driver / implementation itself. I’m afraid those plugs just sent out the values and can’t be “force refreshed” from Homey itself. Did you check your mesh on Developers interface ?

I have several different brands of metering plugs.

But it is only the Aqara plug which always gets stuck.

Interesting to see in my case is that in that time it does not add to the total energy.

Could it be that it is only a display problem?

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Like you, they dont add to the energy. Just the displayed power that gets stuck.

The plugs have a meter_report capability.
In principle we could have a flow forcing Homey to fetch the latest value with a zigbee command, e.g. every minute.

But theres no such flow card available…


I have some issues with my Aqara curtains. Since a few weeks they dont open and close at times when they need to. In Homey i see a red triangle at the curtains and when i restart the aqara app sometimes it works again. I also tryed to reinstall the curtains in Homey but it has the same problems. Do more people have issues with the curtains?

I hope someone can help me to fix it.

All of my motion and door sensors are ‘stuck’, reporting that there is motion and/or a door is open or closed for the least 6 hours. Some of them 3 hours. Quite annoying: it keeps all the light on.

It’s quite annoying and happens quite often. Is there a way to give those sensors a kick to act normal?

You’re assuming that your sensors are the culprit, which they very likely aren’t. It’s more likely an issue with your Zigbee network (perhaps with router devices that don’t play well with the Aqara sensors, or just an unstable network).


But how do I debug this?
I recently moved, so I built up the Zigbee network from scratch. First installing routers (Silvercrest and Philips Hue plugs).
The weird thing is that Aqara sensors are the most ‘lazy’ (no updating their status).

Press the button on the sensor (at the location where you’re using it, so don’t pick it up, move it somewhere else, then press it) and see if the value in Homey gets updated. If not (and the device flashed its LED when you pressed the button), chances are that the sensor is working fine but the issue is somewhere else.

I have about 35 Aqara sensors (motion, contact, light, water) and never have issues with them (not using Homey though). Obviously a sensor can fail, but if all your sensors are failing, there’s something else going on.

Just came to add: my P1 also has weird lux values. Doesn’t matter much now because I can use the lux value of another sensor: My own crude way of a somewhat cat-proof sensor until we have true presence detection - hoping in time the FP1 will be the game-changer it’s advertised to be - is to have one very sensitive and one much less sensitive PIR in one room, where only the less sensitive can switch a light on, but it only goes off once the more sensitive one is not reporting anymore. So I have another PIR in the same room that also reports lux.
But yeah, the P1 lux values are a bit weird here too, and unusable for my use case. Not sure if that’s the software though, in my experience even lux sensors of the same type and brand can vary widely in their reporting. Couldn’t that mean it’s more a hardware issue?

Thanks @TedTolboom for adding the P1 btw! I was stupid enough to buy one a while ago without checking if there was app support, so I shelved it. Hadn’t been following the thread, so it was exciting at the end of last year to suddenly see it was added to the app. Thanks for making me feel a bit less foolish for impulse-buying it :smile:

Yes, same problem here. Worked for a year perfectly, but lately it is a disaster.

Rebuild Zigbee network, reinstalled app but cant fix it.

Works great , great job, thank you.

Seems that “Enable LED notifications” doesn’t have any effect, LED is still blinking regarding of the settings.
Also testing the minimal Lux value - either this sensor is way too sensitive or it never gets to 0lx - so far it looks like 26lx minimum ? Checking in progress.

Please add support for Aqara thermostat E1