[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

The cube is well listed, but not the T1 version.
Is it possible to integrate it?

So it’s not listed.

Perhaps, but I’m not the app developer. You’ll have to wait for him to add support for the device.


Do we need the HUB (M2, M1S or G3) to use the buttons and sensors with the HOMEY or the HOMEY manages to communicate directly with the supported devices.

Sorry for my poor english and thans for your answer.

No, no additional hub is needed. The devices are connected directly to Homey/Homey Pro.

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Does not work. Homey add’s it as a generic zigbee device (switch). Wait til the dev adds support for the device. Or you could use IFTTT for that time being if you have the Aqara hub and send webhooks to Homey.

I would like a card allowing me to poll Aqara devices for power consumption and cumulated electricity consumption at whatever time point I want. Basically using the meter_power ability of devices. So far my smart plugs can only be turned on and off in Homey flows…

Does any one know if the app is compatible with wall switch variants?

The Aqara H1M for example.
This app is compatible with H1 wall switch, but what about the new H1M? An update is needed ? The H1M looks the same inside.

For me it seems that the Motion Sensor P1 does not report correctly, motion alarm is triggered, but luminance is not updated. Not in combination with motion or only if a light is turned on in the room.
The motion sensor is updated to latest firmware.


I have a problem with including an Aqara Cube. It will give me feedback that no suitable app.
That way it is only adding a generic device.
The model number is CTP-R01
Can anybody help? I tried to to it with the help of several information I got here.

That’s the new model of the Cube, which isn’t supported by the app yet. You’ll have to wait for support to be added. Look back a few posts.

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To those of you experiencing Aqara dropouts, I’d encourage you to get in touch with Homey support, so they can hopefully help (and work with @TedTolboom) to resolve the long-running issue of Aqara devices that randomly stop reporting. Aqara products are really affordable, so it sucks not to be able to rely on them - hope it can be worked out!

TED :wink:

Whoops, good catch :slight_smile: - fixed!

I’m using 2 Aqara Motion Sensors P1. I both installed them in separate rooms and let them trigger different flows to switch on a light. Now when one of the sensors is triggered (room A), in the other room (room B) the light also switches on. It looks like Homey sees the triggers as the same?

Bit difficult to answer without any context or flows shown

I created a separate flow for both rooms. Each flow was triggering a ACM-2000 unit. Already found that the issue was in te pairing of the ACM-2000 units. When 1 ACM-2000 was switched on, the other unit was switched on also automatically. Probably they got the same code when connecting to the Homey. I reconnected one of the ACM-2000 units and now it works.

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The power consumption of some of my Aqara Smart Plugs (EU) does not update frequently enough.
One of them is plugged to a heater so consumption oscillates between 0 and 1.1kW.
Reported power (W) in Homey has been stuck for several hours on 1.1kW even though the heater hasnt been working more than a few dozen minutes over that period.
Theres no way to update the reported consumption and that messes up several other things in my automation flows (amd in Homey’s Energy widget).

I have already removed and reinstalled the plug but that behavior keeps on coming back.

Any fix?

This is usually caused by the problem of your mesh network, not really the driver / implementation itself. I’m afraid those plugs just sent out the values and can’t be “force refreshed” from Homey itself. Did you check your mesh on Developers interface ?

I have several different brands of metering plugs.

But it is only the Aqara plug which always gets stuck.

Interesting to see in my case is that in that time it does not add to the total energy.

Could it be that it is only a display problem?

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Like you, they dont add to the energy. Just the displayed power that gets stuck.

The plugs have a meter_report capability.
In principle we could have a flow forcing Homey to fetch the latest value with a zigbee command, e.g. every minute.

But theres no such flow card available…