[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

Hi all :slight_smile: the Aqara P1 does not work is this correct?

Is it mentioned as supported in the first post of this thread?

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i would pay for the P1 support @TedTolboom

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Someone made a decent calculation for how much that would cost here: Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1) - #3877 by Jamie


After some tests, this problem is only for the double rocket H1 EU. The Simple button H1 EU works fine (listener: onOff). Any insight @TedTolboom ?

Apologies for the long silent period.

Due to other topics that required my personal attention over the last weeks and months, I was not able to put in the same amount of time and energy as I did before… after the holiday period, I will have more time available (and refreshed battery).

I will not address al questions mentioned before.

I’ve just released v1.4.2 toward the app store’s test environment (only).

This version does not add support for new devices.
It should fix the issues with the Aqara H1 switches reporting the wrong state and a minor update to extend the range of the temperature sensors.

Support for new devices, like the Aqara Roller Shade driver E1, the Aqara P1 motion sensor and Aqara Curtain driver E1 will be added in app updates that will be released end of August / early September.


Welcome back @TedTolboom. No need to apologise as a volunteer. I hope you are fine. Nothing else matters.


Glad your back and hope you are alright.
Take your time!

Glad to have you back on board Ted. Life isn’t always smooth sailing and sometimes you need all you energy to steer the boat. Enjoy your holiday!

Hello Ted,
Do you consider adding the Smartmi products? I have a Smartmi Air Purifier P1 (part of the Xiaomi family) and I can’t find any app that works!

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That’s WiFi device, while TED’s app is ZigBee only

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Aha, sorry for my lack of knowledge, I’m quite new to this :slight_smile: Is there any other way to connect to Smartmi Airpurifier P1?

Extremely keen on this one, I have 12 of these all working on an Aqara E1 Hub, and would be FANTASTIC to have them under Homey.


My B1 curtain motors seem to be controlled in reverse. (ie. the open command on homey closes the curtains, while the close command opens them). Is this normal?

Hi there !

Glad to hear you didn’t abandon the Aqara app.

For me MOST IMPORTANT is the support of the Aqara FP1 (Motion/)Presence Sensor !!
Please! Will buy you also some extra beers. :wink:
(Even more if you could speed it up).

My 1st one will be shipping end of August from AlieExpress.
So then I could (beta) test it for you.

I need it because still when asleep/in bed or watchin TV with very less movement My Homey still triggers flows like “Not home” or (not) sleeping. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And also the new P1 motion sensor will complete the gap😎

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Exactly same issue here. Both with aqara movement sensors and with temperature sensors. They stop reporting/updating after some time. Sometimes after a few hours (after adding) sometimes after a few days. Aqara Light sensor works perfect

My Aqara motion sensors stop releasing rhe alarm state in Homey after a while
Could this be a problem of the Aqara Homey app? Running the latest version here.

They seem to continue to work, as I can see the light intensity values change. But the alarm state for movement isn’t released at all after time.

Readding the se sor didn’t help, as didn’t removing the sensor and add it as a new one.
A new battery and a Homey PtP was no problem solver as well.
My Zigbee network has always been stable and reliable, but I expect no problems there, because the light intensity keeps updating correctly.

I had the exact same with a same sensor a month ago, but considered it broken at that moment. :frowning:

What could I do about this? Anyone having the same problems?

What light sensors do you have? Mi Light detection?

Mi Light Detection Sensor : Amazon.se: Allt annat

Xaomi mijia light sensor


Not working well:

Xaomi motion sensor
Aqara temp sensor