A dashboard made by Homey (Athom) might be (not far, far away, but:) on it’s way!

Edit (july 5th 2022):
Athom leaked a new tab in the https://my.homey.app in the Ask Me Anything YouTube stream tonight.

I can hardly belief that they did this unintentional. That would just be too dumb :wink:

Viewer Nick asked about it, but Emile did not really go into it. When another user found out that the icon name is “dashboards”, they didn’t deny it, joked a little about it and implied it is being developed
So Athom does seem to be working on a (or more? customizable?) dashboard(s) after all.
If you want to see for yourself; checkout 1h17m25s and 1h21m00s.

Applause for Athom!

I am afraid we do not have to expect a dashboard, created by Homey (Athom) theirself in the near future… See this Facebook thread, following their announcement about adding devices in the MyHomey webapp.

Perhaps we can give Homey an idea of how many users would like a dashboard here?

Please leave a comment if you do.

Me: Hey, nice! If only we got a decent dashboard too. Then I would be completely happy!
Homey: What would you like to see on a dashboard?
Me: Eh… Is this a serious question? I might hope that you already get that. Seen HomeyDash? Home Assistant? Node-Red?
Homey: Exactly, hence the question. Everyone wants something else!
Me: Well, I think there are a lot of wishes in common. Currently there is nothing coming from Homey. Check your Community for the examples.
But if you promise to make a serious effort, I’d be happy to think along! Do we have a deal? :wink:
Homey: We don’t promise anything, but ideas are always welcome
Me: There are plenty ideas in the Community. And enough users who are all working on it, so there definitely is a wish for it. Pity to read (between the lines) that Homey hasn’t got any plans in that direction.
But my offer still stands: you are seriously investigating it and I’ll be spending serious time to think along. :slight_smile:

In Dutch:


I feel you are making alot of assumptions on this conversation. Not that odd for a company to not make a promise and the question was just what would ‘you’ like to see in it.


I would like a dasboard too!
Don’t understand the question of Athom. Of course everybody wants something else so what you need is a fully customizable and resizable dashboard with meters, graphs, lists and controls.

I like the Node Red dashboard very much for its looks, but the hassle of installing so many dependencies (Node red on a NAS, a broker, programming) keeps me away.

So yeah, definitely would like an Athom thing!


@Jero this is the reaction you get when you ask Athom on why certain things are done the way they are done so I can understand @Henk_Renting sentiment.

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My.honey.app works perfect in my dashboard needs .

All cars have the dashboard active :white_check_mark: . Inwall displays :white_check_mark: portable / throw around controllers and displays :white_check_mark:

I can even add flows if I want and kill the options thru css edit

And some have seen some more peeks in the future
And there is more to cummmm :sweat_drops:

And ofc … you can create you’re own with the available api

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But it’s hardly customizable. And no real time monitoring of sensors in a glimpse, for example. At least not without http/programming knowledge. Most of us won’t have that knowledge and Homey wants to be an easy accessible product.

What are the peeks that were revealed to some then?
What is to come? :wink:


It would also be a good oppertunity for them to expand their products by introducing somekind of tablet-like slate to put on a wall. Maybe with some Z-wave/Zigbee/RF/Bluetooth/WiFi antennae built in to act as a stand alone device or create a bigger mesh network of Homeys.

Maybe some built in cameras to act as intercoms or videocalls.

Anyway it would be another way to earn some extra revenue I will certainly buy one if it is snappy and well made.


Guys, i built my own dashboard in home assistant in about one week. I have no programming skills whatsoever… My homeydevices is sent to home assistant using mqtt. Please ask me if you would like a tutorial or help. Otherwise i think you will have to wait forever before homey has a nice dashboard.


I am struggling with creating a dashboard in HA and NodeRed, so would definately like a dashboard! Perhaps better in a separate topic…? Would love it!

Let’s keep the discussion here about wether or not we would like a native dashboard from Homey.

I too was fiddling arround with HA last week. Was getting into the whole MQTT stuff to talk to homwy so yeah that would be great to get some tutorials

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A dashboard is almost standard. It’s like having a meal. It is not enough that it tastes good, it also has to look appetizing. Apparently Athom has not yet understood this and is forcing us to use Home Assistant. So you can drive your customers into the arms of the competition.


Wait for Athom, or build an app to connect Homey to all dashboards available in the world. I chose the latter :crazy_face:


Ik ben er ook bang voor… niet om flauw te doen maar ze kunnen niet eens een beetje-dashboard genereren met de tegels die je nu in de app lijst hebt staan. Alleen aan/uit of de kleur licht kun je zien. Als ze nu eens beginnen met andere sensor-waarden te presenteren in die tegels dan heb je al iets. Zelfs Apple kan dat met Home.app.

Als je een dashboard wilt, dan moet je aan de slag met Home Assistant. Het nadeel is wel dat alles net niet overal werkt en je dus wel met houtjes en touwtjes de boel aan elkaar knopen bent.
Ik begrijp dat Athom zegt dat iedereen wat anders wil. Aan de andere kant zou je best een drag and drop dashboard kunnen maken. De elementen zijn er bijna allemaal al, de waarden ook. Alleen gaat het om de interface. En dat kan Athom ook: gezien de nieuwe webapplicatie.

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It has been a while since they came up with a ‘new’ product (the Pro was not really revolutionary so to say) They can’t just rely on the revenue of the one product they sell and a bit of income from the back-up subscription do they?

I’d be happy to pay some money to purchase a premium device to mount on the wall and maybe even a few amount to maintain upgradable UI and widgets.

they could even develop their own smarthome devices to co-exist to generate more income.

for me, progress is a bit slow and even declining a bit imo. Other companies increasing their smarthome slice of the pie.

I’ve just installed HA on my NAS and tinkering a bit with it, if I (a compleet noob) can get this working properly and manage to setup a nice dashboard that works for me I will probably spend my money on some other hardware to work along side Homey. maybe even putting it to rest forgood but time will tell.


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I support the suggestion of easy integration to other already made dashboards. No need to create a GUI of the dashboard.
As I do not have a nas or PI at home, the MTQQ suggestions are a not obvious, and they also end up complicated and a lot of devices/steps that can fail.
So, sa homey app to create integration to a already well established dashboard, and I will be happy.

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Do your screens fresh after being off? I use two iPads for this bu i manually have to restart the browser (or refresh it) each time the iPad is activated. Only then devices refresh.

Met homey.dash en deze lokaal draaien, middels de micro web server app, en wat tweaken, kom ik een heel eind v.w.b. de sensorwaardes (zonder eerst een tile te “longpressen”)

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Try to force the browser to start with cache=0

Like “homeyurl/?cache=0”?

Allright I’ll try that. Thanks.
Just so I know; what does this do exactly?