A dashboard made by Homey (Athom) might be far, far away

Yea, I would like a customizable Homey dashboard

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Can’t help you with the command, but if that works it works.
Preventing the use of cache forces the browser to get the most recent data, instead of showing what’s already stored in cache ( = temporary storage)

Unfortunately not. After closing the iPad it holds the last cache when you open it again. So, if a light has been turned on afterwards it shows as off on the iPad. But I’m using Chrome on the iPad so i don’t know if it’s an iPad issue. The Homey app shows instant changes, even if the app was open before closing the iPad.

Just some extra info; even HomeyDash refreshes when something changes. That’s also a browser dashboard. So I don’t understand why this isn’t working.

Please stay on topic and keep this thread about if you would like a dashboard from Homey and what you would like to see in it.
I suppose it’s better to discuss problems and questions with/about other dashboards in the respective topics.

A wise man once said, a long long time ago:


So keep ur hopes up!

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This is what I use. I created it myself to fit my needs.

The whole thing is hosted on my Synology NAS. I would love to see something official, but until then, I will keep improving my own version.


I stil miss the app imperihome.
Worked simply and well.
I see really beautiful creations passing by on the forum. But there is a lot of work in it. Here in the kitchen, a homeydash also runs on the nest hub, but it is nowhere near a dashboard as aboven.

Screenshot_2014-06-20-19-47-48-200px Screenshot_2014-06-20-19-47-53-200px


Looks really nice, can you share the source code with us?

New dashboard would be nice

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Indeed Bas, this looks amasing, can you share this (maybe on a separate topic)?

I think a lott of us have been waiting for something like what you build! I know i have!
I have put all my extra time and energy in my smartwatch app so i can speak to Homey where ever i am (and it/Homey speak to me when it needs me), but i haven’t put any real time in a dashboard.
But yours look amasing!

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Galaxy Tab S2 via Home Assistant and this Android app:

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The lack of a dashboard is my biggest complaint too. My decision to go for Homey (and not for a Hassio, Domoticz, …) was in huge because I didn’t want to setup and maintain a system myself. I was convinced about the (almost) out of the box experience with Homey. In large Homey fulfilled this expectation, but when asking for a dashboard type of control, Homey support told me to have a look at the roles and other function features to build that dashboard alike feeling.

But I want a centralized user console that is accessible for the kids, cleaning lady, visitors, …, because they also want to control the light, screens or whatever. But I don’t want them to access the core of my Homey, and I don’t want them to see all (security) notifications, usage reporting, etc… Some things are just not intended to be viewed or accessed by others.

But support didn’t want to understand, or didn’t understand (too techie), but if Homey want a breakthrough with a larger customer base they will need to have this kind of solution. This is why “normal users” and installers chose closed systems, they don’t want to be confronted with this complexity. They want that user experience, not the DIY experience.

As long as an out of the box dashboard isn’t available for Homey, Homey will stay (for me) a fun item, that I cannot expose to other members of the family.

And if a descent alternative comes by (Hubitat, Smarthings?) I might transition to it.


Wow, really nice, both on content and lay-out. Nice implementation of different sources of information into one uniform design. Is this done with HA or NodeRed?

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Before Homey I was looking to Zipatile. Because Zipato (the manufacturer) couldn’t deliver I ultimately switched to Homey. One of the main reasons to choose for Zipatile was their dashboard. A real smart home needs to do things automagically, but a dashboard for manual overrides remains a necessity.

For all the reasons @RMA68 mentioned (users with roles) a dashboard should be intuitive. And because in plain sight it should be eye candy too.



In the meantime, @ My Homey App:


And if Homey would release such a dashboard I would even pay for it. Ideally an integrated solution: hw+sw.


Don’t know about the hardware, we already have that Saturn-like planet thing :grin:. A dedicated app for an Android/iOS tablet would be good too. Or like with Zipatile: dedicated hardware + play store. So you have placeholders to run external widgets.
But agree: I would pay for a panel/tile too!


Yeah, that’s a big :+1:
Even scrollable tiles for tiles with more than 4 values


I agree, this is a great start! Well done, Athom!

But it remains only a start… Hopefully more to come! What would you all like to see in a dashboard?

Can we stay on topic please? :slight_smile:
These discussions draws away from the real topic: if and what we want in a Homey dashboard, so we (I) can communicatie this towards Athom

@moderators, can you help keeping this topic clean pls?